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From internet to Instagram, connectivity is an essential service for a modern business – if not the most essential service. Your business’s survival depends on having a reliable internet connection.

Internet connectivity is also the most common reason a business leaves a commercial work space. A poor internet connection is a deal breaker. It is therefore important landlords make investments to guarantee their occupiers will have access to resilient and cost-effective internet.

With technologies such as the cloud bringing more efficiency to businesses, it is no longer just download speeds that are important. Upload speeds are key to a business’s operations today.

Baltic Broadband partners with leading commercial landlords to provide ultrafast broadband to businesses, supporting data ranges from 50Mbps to 40Gbps. A Baltic Enabled building is a next generation connectivity solution that allows your tenants to enjoy ultrafast connectivity speeds straight away, complete with high speeds and reliability guarantees, backed with our famous 100% service level agreements.

Network resilience

Since connectivity is integral to a business, what happens when an internet connection fails? It is important that this is factored by a business when choosing a workspace, and take steps to mitigate the effect it might have on your bottom line. The first thing any organisation should do is an assessment of they depend on connectivity. Then they can assess what technology and resilience is required to lessen the impact and cost of any outage.

Baltic’s Connected Building services offer true resilience and diversity from the BT Exchange network. So even if the exchange goes down your wireless internet connection will still work, thus bringing true resilience to your business operations.

What does this mean for your business?

  • Save time and money with our ultrafast Fixed Wireless Access service even when fibre is not available or too expensive to deliver. There are no hidden charges, no extra construction charges. For landlords, it means tenants can move in quickly and your commercial building is at full capacity.
  • Connectivity can be scaled up or down based on your unique business needs. Once connected to our network, we can upgrade your connection within just a few hours
  • Zero disruption to your business when moving within Baltic Enabled buildings.

Our connected buildings solution can enable landlords and businesses alike to create an environment tailored to efficiency, helping them attract talent and increase productivity. Baltic Broadband offers the most cost-effective, business grade, superfast services with service level backing.

For more information about Baltic enabled buildings, see our dedicated page or contact us.