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Why Having No Internet Might Kill your Business

By 5 June 2019August 15th, 2023Baltic Company News

What can the Internet really provide for your business? Let’s start with the most important — communication.  Phones are a great line of communication but, let’s be honest, a lot of people use email and instant messages now.  Having internet at your business and even a website for it is a great way to get more feedback on products and services.  And that’s just from the customer point of view. It also help businesses communicate with each other.  If your business is expanding or has multiple locations already, there’s nothing better than the internet to keep them connected.  Presentations can be viewed through screen sharing apps, dozens of people can be connected through calls, and even meetings between people across the world can be completed without any extra cost. If your business has a physical location, there are even more opportunities.  For instance, you can offer free wi-fi to all your customers.  This is especially useful for coffee shops, hotels, bookstores, and other areas where you might expect people to be waiting around for long periods of time.

But isn’t there and added cost?  What if I can’t afford it?

Yes, there will be a cost just like there’s a cost each time you take your car to work.  Lucky for you,  almost every internet company out there, including Baltic Broadband, offers multiple packages so that your business is never paying for more than they need. Is your business just 3-4 people and you don’t really need much bandwidth or the highest of speeds?  We can handle that for as low as £50 each month.  Or perhaps you have a sprawling business with multiple sites, dozens or even hundreds of employees, and need the best of the best.  We’ve got that covered as well. Also, in many cases, you can’t afford not to have it.  There are so many benefits that will get you more customers, and more money, than you’d end up spending.  While perhaps your budget can’t take the hit right now, there’s a good chance that by taking the risk, you’ll end up with more profit in the end.

Are there any alternatives to internet?

Well, as stated above, phone lines are sort of an alternative… but not a real one.  They open the lines of communication to consumers but that’s all they do.  They can’t provide you or your customers with immediate information.  They can’t add profit as a service for customers.  And they can’t even start to scratch the surface on all the things you, and your company, could do with internet.]]>

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