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How to set up your Internet for your Business

By 25 April 2019August 15th, 2023Baltic Company News

Find out what’s available to you The first step in getting internet is to search around.  Nobody’s going to just go door-to-door selling internet.  You need to be proactive and do some research!  Find out what kind of options you have for internet.  A lot of companies only service certain areas and a lot of areas have deadzones to some internet companies. For instance, Baltic Broadband services only Liverpool for the time being.  With growth though, we hope to service a whole lot more. Luckily, there are websites to find which internet options are available to you.

Make sure your building is accessible

The next step to getting your internet going is to make sure your building works with your preferred internet provider.  Many providers use wired connections to tap directly into your building and, in some places, that’s just not an option.  Big cities tend to have the most options available but, if you’re just outside a city or further away, you may find it harder to get good internet.

Check with neighbours before you buy

An important step in choosing an internet provider is to check with neighbours.  Like I said before, some places might be deadzones and your neighbouring businesses will be able to let you know which provider they’re using, whether they have any problems with them, how the internet is, and more. If you don’t feel like checking with them, you can always try looking online for reviews.

Research your service packages

Now comes the hard part — choosing the right package.  Almost every internet provider out there has multiple packages available.  Buying the biggest and best package might sound great, but chances are you just don’t need it.  Look into how much bandwidth you expect to be using each month.  What kind of speeds will you or your clients need?  What about contention ratios? There’s an article all about choosing the right plan that you can read.

Don’t be afraid to change providers

The final step in this is to expect things to change.  Sometimes, providers will start charging more or your speeds might start falling.  Or maybe other providers start offering better deals.  Whatever the case, don’t be afraid to switch things up.]]>

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