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Why was this new change made? A recent article from Which? found that the majority of households in Britain were paying for internet services that were, on average, 51% slower than advertised.  They started the snowball which has led us here today and I think we can all agree that it was the right move.  After all, if I’m paying for a full tank of petrol, I don’t expect to only be getting half a tank each time.

How are these changes affecting your internet providers?

Unsurprisingly,  many provider’s advertised speeds have plummeted, with some dropping by a whopping 41%!  Because the new ruling requires 50% of consumers using a plan to be receiving those advertised speeds, companies must be much more accurate. Companies are dealing with this new ruling in a variety of different ways.  Some have simply changed their plans to more accurately reflect the expected speeds.  Others have removed expected speeds entirely.  Baltic Broadband, based in Liverpool, has had to make no changes, however.  We make it our mission for you to get what you’re paying for.  ]]>

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