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What’s the difference between Fibre and Wireless? Long story short, fibre optic cables are a physical cable going from location to location.  In this case, from us to you.  As one might expect, it’s more stable than an average wireless connection.  Because it’s a physical cable, it often has faster speeds as well. Wireless, on the other hand, tends to cost less, take less time to setup, and is more widely available and used these days thanks to these features. You’ll want to get a fibre connection if you’re willing to pay a bit extra because either our regular wireless service doesn’t include your business or you’re simply wanting a direct connection.

Package information:

Our first set of packages is our Business Broadband (Fibre) plans.  They range from £240 to £500 and all include free installation, unlimited data, a static IP address, and free support.  For more information on which plan might fit your company best, click here. Our second set of packages, called Dedicated Internet (Fibre) plans, range from £299 to £795.  They’re more often used for when you want a direct connection straight to the internet.  This gives you a 1:1 contention ratio, which is a big change compared to our Business Broadband plans.  Our Dedicated Internet plans also offer free installation, unlimited data, a dedicated IP address, and support, in addition to a 1-month contract option across the board so you can try it for a month and cancel if you don’t absolutely love our service.  You can find more information on what exactly each plan contains here.

Questions, comments, or concerns?

For more information on these plans, or any others, contact us today.  We’d love to hear back from you and get the ball rolling for better, faster internet at a great price!]]>

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