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Facebook Broadcasting: For starters, I’ll tell you how to start a Facebook Broadcast.  It’s actually really simple!

  1. Under your ‘news feed’ click the button that says ‘Live Video’.
  2. Give Facebook permission to access your camera and microphone.
  3. Choose whether you want it to be public, just for followers, or private.
  4. Write what your broadcast is about.
  5. Set up you camera and prepare to go live!
Once you’ve got it handled, Baltic’s configured to help make sure you don’t have any issues with your connection.  We give full support up to 720p resolution with 30fps (frames per second) and AAC encoded audio.  Long story short, you should have a steady stream with good quality and good audio!

Twitter Broadcasting:

  1. To start a broadcast, similar you Facebook, you just click to write a new tweet and click ‘Live’.
  2. Next, set up the camera and prepare to go live!
  3. Once you’re live, users can then send hearts and comments to show support or ask questions.
Thanks to Baltic Broadband’s optimised network, you’ll have full support for Producer Broadcasts (960 x 540 resolution, at 30 frames per second with an audio bitrate and format of 96 kb/s AAC or AAC-LC) or 360 Producer Broadcasts which offer higher resolutions.

YouTube Broadcasting:

YouTube is a little different in the way that you start a live broadcast, but it’s also quite simple.
  1. Make sure you’ve got no restrictions on your account and that your account is verified.
  2. Go to ‘Creator Studio Tools’ and click the ‘Live Streaming’ tab.
  3. From here, there are multiple ways you can stream!  You can either…
  • Stream Now.  Enabling you to stream at that moment
  • Events.  You’ll have more options available to start/stop the stream, preview the stream, and make back-up streams should something go wrong.
  • Mobile.  This lets you use the mobile app to stream
  • Webcam.  It’ll let you use the webcam on your computer or laptop to stream.
Baltic once again helps you maintain a secure connection with up to 2160p ( 3840x2160p) resolution, at 60 frames per second with AAC or MP3 44.1 KHz @ 128 Kbps stereo encoded audio.  In other words… it’s going to look and sound amazing as long as your equipment can handle it. So, what’s all this mean for you?  It means you can live stream using a connection with Baltic Broadband without having to worry about whether or not your internet can handle it.  Well, what are you waiting for?  Go get to streaming!]]>

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