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Better speeds can improve your efficiency. An upgrade in your internet speeds can help everyone in your business finish their work faster.  Whether it’s downloading important files, uploading documents, loading powerpoint presentations, fielding video calls, accessing data, or even just reading emails; there are countless tasks these days which rely on the internet and a faster speed leads to faster results and faster workers. Keeping your speeds up can also give you access to different cloud-based applications which might have previously been unavailable to you.

You can focus on expansion without worrying about sudden internet problems.

I don’t think there’s a business out there that doesn’t want to be bigger.  Today, you might just be one man in an office working for yourself, while this time next year you might have a dozen colleagues and underlings.  Waiting until your internet starts to falter is a mistake, though.  Constant breakages while trying to work causes stress and might even lose customers.  This is especially true for businesses that rely on the internet as their main sales force. Upgrading your connection isn’t always cheap, but it does become necessary.  If expansion is just on the horizon then getting yourself a little extra bandwidth and a little extra speed sooner might just be the right move for you.

You can protect yourself and your business better.

The cloud is an amazing technological advancement, and one you should absolutely be taking advantage of.  Of course, if your connection is simply too weak to be able to upload data in a reasonable time, then that option is right out the window.  Upgrading your internet to a higher speed might give you the chance to back up all your data to the cloud.  How’s that help keep your business secure?  Well, for starters, what happens if there’s a fire, flood, or any other emergency in your building?  Any physical files or folders are gone, along with anything on your computer.  Luckily, the cloud exists outside your computer and would help to keep your business up and running even in the worst of times. The fact is that slower internet speeds don’t JUST slow down your downloads, they slow down your business.  They slow down your growth.  Check out our various pricing plans to get an idea of just how cheap it is to upgrade.]]>

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