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some being hacked and hackersdemanding a fee to return their website!  Keeping your information, and your company’s information, safe in today’s industrialised world is a difficult task.  By buying through Baltic Broadband, you’ll find yourself, and your customers, more secure.

The problem with most forms of internet:

Whether your company is a multi-million conglomerate or a small mom and pop shop, chances are you’ll have an internet connection.  Equally as likely is that your internet will be wireless, which is where much of the problem lies today.  Your traditional cable or satellite internet simply isn’t secure. In a recent article, it’s shown just how easy a hacker has it to break into your wi-fi and wreak havoc.  The highlights of said havoc include stealing all sorts of information from the mundane up to highly secure passwords.  Luckily, this hacker was doing it solely to show how easy breaking into a network, and computers, can be.  But what happens when the next one isn’t so friendly? The problem arose primarily because wireless internet has an inherent fault — it’s just too easy to copy.  The hacker was able to use a small device to recreate the cafe’s network and insert itself as a middleman between the internet and customers.  Once customers started logging on, he was able to gather his information and could’ve caused some serious damage if that was his goal.

What does Baltic Broadband do to make it more secure?

For starters, Baltic doesn’t use satellite or cable internet.  Baltic is able to provide internet through radio waves, aka WISP.  WISP has a lot of feature which make it great, from faster speeds to less down times, but it’s also inherently secure in comparison to the alternatives. WISPs have their own unique configuration, meaning that copying our internet and inserting a middleman would be more difficult.  While we can’t guarantee that you’ll never get hacked, we can say that our IP and wireless network will remain secure.  We’ve also started introducing a new service we call Jelly WiFi.

What’s Jelly WiFi?

Jelly WiFi is our way of keeping you connected even when you’re outside the office and keeping you just as secure.  You’ll be able to surf the web at various locations across Liverpool without having to pay a pence more or connecting to unknown wireless providers. For customers, you can enable Jelly WiFi, too!  If you’re a cafe, bar, or any other type of business where your customers might need internet, we’ve got you covered.  You can do everything from providing content filtering (for areas where children might be present), to getting more sales and brand awareness through your free internet.  As an added benefit, you’ll receive a free listing on the Baltic Broadband website.  You help us, and we help you! Looking for more information?  Contact us today and make the switch to Baltic!]]>

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