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State House occupies a highly prominent position in the heart of Liverpool City Centre. The building is situated within the Central Business District on the corner of Dale Street and North John Street. It is within 200m of the retail quarter and 400m of the Liverpool One shopping sector.
Castle street and it’s wealth of restaurants and bars is only a short walk away. The building is also perfectly located to take advantage of some of the City’s popular cultural attractions, including the Albert Dock, the World Museum Liverpool, the Empire Theatre, The Royal Court Theatre, The Playhouse Theatre, St George’s Hall, Central Library and the Walker Art Gallery.
In 2024, we transformed the State House digital offering by installing 10Gbps of Internet Connectivity available for its tenants. In addition to this, we’ve installed direct connections to Cloud Services, the Liverpool Film Network and LCR Play, creating one of the best connected buildings within the Liverpool City Region.

If you require a quote, please contact us. Read more about our Features or learn why customers decide to choose Baltic Broadband.

State House Features

Fast, Reliable, Guaranteed Internet for Business

Enjoy ultra-fast, low latency and personalised internet from 100Mbps to 20Gbps, installed the same day (or within 10 days) and backed by our 100% service level agreement to keep your business connected 24/7.

Same Day Switch-On

If Baltic is already present within your office, you can get same-day installation. Just signup on-line and get activated within the hour to get your business connected.

Enjoy Flexible Monthly Pricing

Don’t get tied into long onerous commitments with other providers.  We offer flexible monthly internet packages that can be scaled up and down as your business does.

Outstanding Local 24/7 Support

We’re based just around the corner and on-hand to help out should your business need us.  We’re also open 24/7 should you have an Emergency.

Use Your Broadband Package Outside of State House

Every Baltic customer can take their internet package outside of their office and to any of the public free WiFi hot-spots that we’ve setup, great for remote working.

Highly Resilient Infrastructure

We have multiple connections entering State House that connect into the heart of the Internet in London and into Manchester for additional resilience

We monitor & maintain your connection 24/7

If we spot an issue with your connectivity, we’ll proactively get in touch, launching an investigation while keeping you in the loop so you can manage your operations accordingly.

Move your IT out, but still keep it close

Baltic run it’s own Data Centre, located meters from State House so tenants can move power-hungry, heat generating servers to our hosted facility while retaining fast reliable LAN speeds.

Powered by Renewable Energy

Lower your carbon footprint by moving your computer room out of your office and into our facility, consuming the Renewable Energy that we generate here in within the region.

Technical Features

Use our Direct Connections for low-latency

Let us fine tune the internet for you, using our low-latency peering agreements and Direct Connections to cloud and content providers so that your data transfers are rapid.

Connect to the Local Games Network

Connect your business to the region’s local dedicated games network LCR Play, a private network that circles the regions games companies connecting up various assets.

Link your other locations to State House

With our high performance Layer2 network, you can link together other locations within the region by creating a private network direct into your State House suite.

Traffic Prioritisation Service

Tell us your most used/visited websites and services and we’ll prioritise those for you, making them faster and more responsive. You can add up to 10 websites for optimisation.

Connect to the Independent Film Makers Network

 That connects up several film, arts venues and broadcast facilities so content producers can create & share their content via a secure high speed local network. 

Access Internet Exchanges Directly

We also offer customers the ability to break out at IX Liverpool, IXManchester and on LINX if they wish, accessing the very heart of the Internet.

Internet of Things Enabled

We’ve installed a LoRAWAN network so companies can use the free of charge wireless network for the creation of sensors, applications and many more.

 Direct connections to local University networks

We’ve installed direct connections to the regions local Universities so businesses can connect up, collaborate and share information on this Academic Network. 

Frequently Ask Questions

We've had trouble with other Internet Providers, how are Baltic any different?

Baltic are a very different company than most and offer customers a totally difference experience.  You can read more about us on our About Us page while also taking a look at Why Customers Choose Baltic Broadband.

I find the pricing higher than my current provider?

Quite often that is the case, however with Baltic, customers get so much more than the usual market offerings.  Checkout Why Customers Choose Baltic for more information.

Do you offer long term contracts so we can fix our costs?

Yes we can offer 12 months or 3 year contracts if you require a fixed cost that we will commit to.  Some customers, especially budget holders need a committed cost for a period of time to work to, just let us know your requirements and I’m sure we can present a few options to you.

How is the energy that we'd use Renewable?

We generate our own renewable energy from the various power plants that we have around the region, that power the Baltic Network.  Please see our Renewable Energy Page for a more detailed explanation.

Do I have to go with Baltic for my connectivity ?

No, you can speak to many other Internet Providers in the area, but you don’t have to go with Baltic.

What Redundancy do you have in place?

We have two incoming 10Gbps feeds that are presented within State House, one Fibre another Fixed Wireless Access. On both feeds, we raise our various subnets (that are provided to our customers) across both of these connections simultaneously.

The first feed connects directly into London at the London Internet Exchange (the core of the Internet in the UK) which is the point that we peer with other networks and exchange traffic directly with them.  At this site, we have over 100Gbps of onwards connectivity to the rest of the world with backup BGP sessions to LONAP, IX Reach and a range of transit providers.

The second feed connects directly into LINX Manchester for resilience, which is a popular point that many ISP’s up North and another peering point that we hand off traffic to at this Internet Exchange.  At this site, we have over 100Gbps of onwards connectivity to various networks with backup BGP sessions to IX Reach and a range of transit providers.

How can I extend my office network into your Data Centre?

If you are an existing Baltic customer and already have Internet or point to point connectivity with us, you can use the same incoming cable to be configured as a multi-Service port.  This provides you with 8 ports that are used to supply you internet (as before) while also presenting new ports as direct layer 2 connections.  This way, it acts as a long point to point network connection between both places.

How does the Baltic Roam WiFi Work?

Customers can use their Internet package at any of the various public WiFi points around the city.  They simply use the login that we provide, connect and use for as long as they require, without any data limits.  Read the full detail at here.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Baltic's installation of the 10Gbps fibre line into our co-working space has helped us transform our operation. Our residents can now access the internet at blazingly fast speeds.

Chris Witterick, Launch22

We are very pleased with the service provided by Baltic Broadband. They understood our requirements and saw how we struggled on using 5G for your office which was proven to be unreliable. We’ve now got 350Mbps upload and download and it was installed within 10 working days, which will help transform our business.

Rob WycherleyMobius

"Baltic's installation of a wireless connection into our Liverpool City Centre offices has provided us with a much more reliable, stable and faster service than with our previous provider who was more expensive. With our new Baltic connection, I can link our studio's software to remote post-production studios at lightning speed and it's consistent, and so far so good, we are really happy with Baltic Broadband!"

Sam AugusteOnomatopoeia Post

Moving into a BBEB was a wise choice for our charity, we were able to get up and running the same day (due to an urgent office relocation) and with fast speeds coupled with a brilliant service from Baltic Broadband!

Lisa, Williams, Hope & Will Ltd

Baltic installed a new fast 1Gbps connection into our new office within days complete with an internal WiFi system for internal distribution.

Tom Espin, Castore

Baltic's pre-enabled building allowed us to go live with our call centre within the same day we moved in, and at very high speeds, unlike the competition that quoted 90 working days!

Mark Jones, Ruby Debt Solutions Limited

Our existing provider were flummoxed as to why we are getting such regular severe dropouts that affected our call centre one weekend. Baltic went above and beyond the call of duty to work with us in providing a fast and reliable solution within just 6 hours, we owe you a pint guys!

Roger Jonas, Signature Living(Customer let down by existing provider and is now a permanent customer of Baltic)

Having had multiple power failures, issues with keeping our server room cool and grappling with the growing high costs of running an on-premise server room, we finally gave in and moved everything into Baltic's Data Centres. We're now spending less time running things, we've created more office space for our staff (now the server room as gone) while our servers are only a 10 min walk away from us.

AnonymousLocal Games Content Creator

Just to say thank you to Baltic who worked with us to get the Emergency Internet up and running during a street level power outage that lasted over a week. Their efforts allow us to keep streaming our live performances to the world during the 2021 lock-down

Paul Jones, Cavern Club

Baltic provide a number of 10Gbps leased lines that connect our various offices together securely while providing our home workers with high speeds that connects to our platform within Baltic's Data Centres, allowing us to take a hands-off, centralised approach to our IT infrastructure and at costs lower than running it ourselves.

AnonymousLCR Based Games Company

Thank you very much for setting up the connection to our offices on Church Street so quickly, I'm hearing good things from our office so far!

Anthony Osborne, Liverpool Bid Company

Our existing internet provider (BT) went off-line leaving us unable to take credit card payments or use any of our cloud based systems for days. Baltic's Emergency internet got us back on-line within 4 hours and unbelievably, at faster speeds than with BT!

John Barrow, Capital and Scull