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Jelly WI-FI - Take your office connection with you..

Jelly WI-FI is a new way of working.  If you are a Baltic Broadband customer, you can benefit from using your Broadband package at a number of supported locations around the Merseyside area.
We are adding locations all of the time, if you are interested in becoming a Jelly WI-FI hotpot, please see here, otherwise we currently support Jelly WI-FI at:
  • Jamaica Street, Liverpool City Centre
  • Baltic Creative Campus, Jamaica Street
  • Constellations, Greenland Street
  • Baltic Social, Parliment Street
  • Firwood Waterloo Rugby Club, Blundellsands
  • Merseyrail Hall Road Station, Blundellsands

How to use Jelly WI-FI

Jelly has two services, our free service open to the public, ” and our business service which can be seen as “BB”

Our Free WI-FI Service

We offer a free basic WI-FI service at all locations.  This is a basic service that provides a basic speed that is suited to sending emails, messaging, tweeting and basic web browsing. To use, open your WI-FI settings and look for “BB Free WI-FI” in one of our supported locations.  Once connected, you will need to accept our terms and conditions and then the service is available to use.

At these locations, non-customers of Baltic Broadband can purchase various WI-FI packages to suit their needs, these packages are below.

  • One Day’s Access(10GB Download Limit)  £5
  • One Week’s Access (10GB Download Limit) £10
  • One Month’s Access (20GB Download Limit) £20


Our Jelly WI-FI Service

This is for customers with supported packages only. To use, open your WI-FI settings and look for “BB” in one of our supported locations, and when prompted enter the username and password that was provided to you when you setup your account. Once connected you have the same (if any) restrictions as your package.

Once you are logged on, you are free to roam between our supported locations without having to log in again, helping you stay connected for longer.

If you have any questions, please contact us

Questions and Answers

I’m a Landlord, what do I get out of it?

Better higher quality tenants, longer term rental yields,. Another great USP for your building.

I would like to receive a rental from you for use of my roof…

Due to the economics of our service and the low cost Internet we are providing, there just isn’t the margins for us to pay Landlords for roof access, however we will pay for the small amount of electricity consumed by our equipment, plus if you are located in the building, we will give you free Internet Access for the life of the service.

What about planning permissions, Health and Safety and Access?

We handle all of that so you don’t have to. We just need Wayleave access to rooftops and permission to install such equipment in our chosen location. You can see some pictures of the types of equipment installed that we use at the bottom of this page.

Why do you use wireless, why not phone lines, or fibre?

Fibre is expensive and the Merseyside region has little of it, plus digging up the region’s roads is an expensive we would have to pass on to our customers.  Also, using BT’s old telephone lines for a modern business is slow ,cumbersome and unreliable, so we’ve decided not to do either.