Jelly WI-FI - Take your office with you

How Jelly WIFI Works

If you are a Baltic Broadband customer, you can use your current Baltic Broadband package at a number of private WIFI hotspot locations while travelling around the Merseyside area at no extra cost (assuming your package supports it).

This service is complimentary to our customers and allows them to enjoy the fast speeds, personalised settings and their existing package benefits at any of the locations below, allowing them to work as if they are still in their office, but without the typical slow speeds, filling out forms or paying excessive charges that normally exist at venues.

Supported venues have signed up with Baltic Broadband to give their customers an excellent service, which attracts more customers through their door, who also stay for longer which helps with sales, while our customers get to work outside of their office, have meetings etc, at venues that allow them to take their internet package with them and at no extra cost.

Customers simply look for the “BB” WIFI name and log in using details that we’ve provided on signup and once connected, there is no limit to the time or amount of data that can be used of these locations.

Supported Locations

As our network grows, we are adding locations all of the time, if you are interested in becoming a Jelly WI-FI hotpot, please contact us.
The following is a list of buildings, retailers, premises or streets that currently have Jelly Wi-Fi Enabled:




Our Free WI-FI Service

We also offer a free basic WI-FI service at the locations for non-customers that provides a basic speed that is suited to sending emails, messaging, tweeting and basic web browsing and is time limited to 2 hours.

To use, open your WI-FI settings and look for “BB Free WI-FI” in one of our supported locations.  Once connected, you will need to accept our terms and conditions and then the service is available to use.

Paid WIFI Access for Non-Customers

Additionally, in some locations, non-customers of Baltic Broadband can purchase various Wi-Fi packages to suit their needs, these packages are below and can be purchased instead of using the Free service on the same WIFI name: “BB Free WI-FI“.

  • One Day’s Access (25GB Download Limit)  £5
  • One Week’s Access (50GB Download Limit) £10
  • One Month’s Access (100GB Download Limit) £20


If you have any questions, please contact us