Home Worker Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really use it on any connection anywhere?

Yes, unless that is, your current provider is especially blocking the L2TP protocol.  If they are, please contact us as we may be able to use an alternative protocol as a workaround.


Do I have to be an existing customer with one of your packages to use this?

No, you can be a new customer and signup to Baltic Tunnel, but you would receive a new IP address as you cannot of course use our feature that uses your office IP address if it’s not already with us.


What operating systems are supported for Baltic Tunnel?

Baltic Tunnel is supported on  Windows,  Apple OSX, Android Devices, Linux using xl2tpd, Routerboard, OpenWRT, Cisco and a wide range of routers subject to testing.


Do I have to use a computer to connect to Baltic Tunnel, or could I use a router to route a number of devices on my network?

No, you can use a router if you wish.  A router is recommended if you want to connect multiple devices and route them via Baltic’s internet rather than the current ISP.  You would need a router that acts as a L2TP client and is able to route all internet traffic via the tunnel. Once setup, the router would simply connect to Baltic using a single connection, then using your router, you could share it with as many devices as you choose, in whatever ways (wireless, wired etc)


I have a number of remote workers, how many users can connect per account?

We allow 1 user per account to connect. If you need more, we can simply set up additional accounts for you.


Once connected, can I share my connection with others from my computer?

Possibly yes.  Windows for example, allows you to share your connection with other computers on your network using the in-built connection, it may also be possible on other operating systems.  Your I.T support department/company should be able to assist with this.

Instead of using a computer to share, it would be advisable to use a router if your circumstances allow.  This would mean that you could share by WiFi and other ways at the same time and it could remain connected to Baltic Tunnel as a computer quite often gets turned off.

Can the Tunnel be Encrypted?

Yes, although this add’s overhead and some modifications may need to be made to the MTU otherwise fragmentation will occur.