The Baltic Box

The Baltic Box is a custom made router that is sold as part of a managed service.

There are many applications that can be used with the Baltic Box, but at a basic level, it can extend your existing office network to a remote/home user, without any configuration, having to battle with firewalls or static IP addresses, you simply plug in and it works and on any internet provider.

Many organisations have a need to extend an office network directly to home users, for example software developers, machine to machine applications (Internet of Things) and Mainframe Systems whereby there is a need to have many devices on the same network fabric, but they may be in different locations.

Using the usual VPN’s, tunnels and routing is not an option as these only route packets between different logical networks.  The Baltic Box doesn’t actually route anything, it simply’s mirror’s an Ethernet port on a switch at one location to another, sending everything that it hears, just like an Ethernet cable across a room.

The Baltic Box is sold as part of a managed service.  We supply the box complete with it’s configuration and install it into the remote location for you, then we present it as required on your existing Baltic connection into your office as a VLAN, giving you the maximum flexibility.


  • Once plugged in, it acts like an Ethernet cable between your remote user and your office or data centre,and at a complete 1Gbps connection
  • You can provide a single internet connection into the box (at the remote end), or add up to 3 more to increase speed (bonding) and add resilience
  • Low wattage (15w), fan-less and small form factor, making it ideal for domestic setup as well as rack mounted communications racks


The Baltic box costs £99 to install and £99 a month and has a simple monthly rolling contract to allow easy deployment without any long term contracts or liabilities. Discounts for longer periods of hire can be provided.

At its basic level, the Baltic Box operates as a link between two places, meaning that you would provide any services required over it such as internet access or local network assets.

Additionally, services such as Direct Internet Access, Static IP Addresses, DNS and others can also be provided over the top for an extra cost.

Technical Features

  • Send entire frames complete with VLAN’s across any internet connection, without routing needed
  • Put your remote workers on the same layer 2 domain as your office network, escaping the usual issues with VPN’s, tunnels, firewalls and home based natting issues
  • Service is handed off as a Layer2 connection into your office using an existing Baltic Broadband connection, acting as a Ethernet cable between your office network and the remote users network

Use Case

Let’s say your home worker needs access to resources at your office, but those resources need Layer 2 level access, maybe because they need to add their own routing protocols on top, or simply you would like to control the entire connection from your office through to the home worker.

The Baltic Box will take care of this for you.  The box will be installed at your home workers property, connected to any Broadband line that is present.  The box then creates a connection from the Ethernet port on our router through to your office to a designated Ethernet port, operating just like it was in the same room.

Your can now run your applications over the Layer 2 connection, and operate it like a switch port direct to your home worker.

You can read our FAQ for more information.