4G Service Frequently Asked Questions

What are the typical Speeds on 4G?

It very much depends on many factors, such as amount of other customers using the same phone mast as you, environmental conditions and the total capacity of the mast in the first place.  We don’t guarantee 4G speeds but if we are involved in the installation, we do try and maximise them especially if our service is being installed into a fixed location.

The maximum speed that the mobile operators will pass to us on 4G is 15MB upload and 90MB download, although all of our packages are internally rated at 350MB, the 4G is ultimately the bottle neck here.

An estimate of the typical speeds will be confirmed upon installation by our Engineers.

How does the SLA work?

You can read our SLA in our contract with you, but in short, we promise to answer your call and acknowledge the fault within 1 hour maximum and if there is a fault within our control, we promise to fix within 5 hours or your full package cost is refunded.

Of course, there are things outside of our control, like power failures, storms, mobile masts going off-line and a whole host of things that would lead to you losing service, however based on the elements that we do control, our SLA gives you peace of mind that we’ve got your back.

How does the one month contract work, is there a catch?

Nope, we offer just a one month contract which is paid upfront from the day of order along with any installation fees.  You can cancel the service at any time by just giving us one months notice and there is no penalty to pay.

How does the Prioritisation Service work?

Every business has some sort of typical traffic profile, for example they visit the same websites regularly or use certain types of applications for their business.  If we can learn what a customer uses most, we can create “shortcuts” through the internet for these that ultimately speed up the use of these, helping increase productivity while reducing stress for staff and slow downs in output.  

We accept up to ten websites or applications per account for traffic prioritisation that can be submitted to us by our customer, however our in-house algorithm learns a clients usage over time in any case and saves (caches) commonly visited sites or services over time and creates direct links over the internet to such services, all without customers input.  By customers explicitly providing their most important sites that they use, we can focus our algorithm more strategically instead of using a learning process over a period of time.

How does the same day service work and what does it cost?

Costs very much depend on the customer requirement on the day, however we stock multiple systems that are ready to use that can be dispatched to your premises the same day under the Emergency service, this is very useful for businesses that need internet access urgently due to a fault, loss of an existing service or other reason, this service is designed to get a customer back online or connected as quickly as possible.

Can I use the various WIFI hotspots that you own across the region?

Yes, you can use your Broadband package free of charge at any of our WIFI hotspot locations, allowing you to work outside of your office or location while enjoying similar speeds that your package offers.  This is ideal especially for mobile/portable applications or locations such as film sets, building sites and event locations whereby colleagues can work around the city at various locations for meetings for example. All our 4G packages allow use of this, please see our Jelly WIFI page for more information and support locations throughout the region.

What WIFI networks can be provided from the 4G solution?

As standard we provide a managed WIFI system that provides a private WIFI for your business use and an open guest WIFI for guests that uses a guest portal that can also be branded with your corporate image. Policies can be set to restrict numbers of end devices, data caps or even times of day for no extra charge.

How portable is the 4G solution and can it be self powered or work on temporary power?

Yes, we can supply a self powered system if required that runs on batteries (optionally topped up with solar panels), a generator or can be hooked up to your existing supply, we accept regulated voltages between 24-54v DC to power our portable internet solution and need around 50 watts maximum. A generator can be supplied to power our 4G solution for an extra charge.

The equipment that we supply is totally portable and can be taken/used anywhere that there a 3G or 4G mobile signal.

Do you perform any proactive monitoring of the service?

Yes, we monitor the 4G solution every 5 mins.  If the service becomes unavailable, we are instantly alerted and will raise this as a fault under our SLA automatically.  As we are also able to access the solution remotely we are able to diagnose a lot of faults without visiting the customer’s site, such as power failures (we always supply a backup battery with our solutions) or environmental changes for example.  For clarity, we monitor the following metrics of our 4G hardware remotely every 5 mins:

  • Ping times
  • Average speeds
  • Power consumption of device
  • Backup battery charge level
  • Mains or primary power
  • Internal and external temperatures

How does the Advanced Networking Features work?

Customers can run services such as Layer 2 and other tunnelling services through our 4G service which can connect the various parts of their network together.  For example, if you are a film or events company, we can connect your location based 4G service directly into your main office network wherever in the world, giving you maximum flexibility and so that all of your IT systems are joined up and talk together.

For current Baltic Broadband customers, we can optionally pipe all traffic (acting like a a private leased line) from your 4G location back to your office location as a VLAN using your existing setup and package with us. This feature allows your business to establish your own private network around the region and back to a central point such as your main office, but kept encrypted secure and does not use the Internet for transmission.

Why use Baltic Broadband for 4G and not my own dongle or a solution via the mobile operators?

Mobile operators focus their network on providing the best service to everyone by running “traffic Management” policies that speed up or slow down certain types of applications based on current demand.  Although this policy is fine for a consumer, especially if the internet is slowed down for a period of time to allow someone else access Facebook, or Netflix, we feel its not right that your business should have to compete with “consumer traffic” when the internet is so essential for your business.

Baltic use the 4G service only as a passive conduit to get from our network to your office or location and is a very small part of the delivery, but an important one.  With Baltic ultimately controlling almost the entire internet connection, we can determine such traffic management policies and actually do the opposite, such as prioritise certain websites, applications or services such as broadcasts and video or messaging, based on your requirements.

Here are some other points to remember when using a mobile dongle vs our service:

  • You don’t get a static IP address as many operators don’t support it, meaning that you cannot run VPN’s, phone systems or other applications that require a static IP and as the mobile operators use something called “Carrier Grade NAT” it blocks many technical functions from working as they should, such as remote cameras, email, online surveys, banking applications and multiplayer games
  • You will likey be using the same IP address as many other people, a problem with used by cold-callers, spammers, hackers and criminals and in the past has led our customers being wrongly investigated by law enforcement because they share their IP address with several thousand others – potentially including criminals.
  • Your traffic will be classed as consumer even with a business SIM, so you will likely suffer from traffic slowdowns as the operator traffic manages your connection to suit their demands or profits
  • A dongle is designed for a single machine or device, not multiple office users and the connection of many devices
  • Most operators tie you in with long-term deals, with Baltic we only offer a 30-day contract
  • Our deal with the various mobile operators allows us to use their masts with traffic priority, meaning that our traffic is prioritised ahead of all other non-emergency traffic, making our service totally unique
  • We use a multi-sim device that uses EE and Three masts together that seeks out the best signal and uses the best one at that time, potentially switching networks on a regular basis in order to provide our customers with the best service possible.  This feature alone is not possible using a mobile dongle.


What type of Static IP address do I get

We supply an IPv4 public IP addresses as standard as allocated to us by RIPE.  If required we can dual stack it with IPV6, in addition, should this be required.

Is there lower pricing available for longer-term contracts?

Yes please contact us for further information.


What happens when I reach the data as allocated on the chosen package?

When you reach 85% of your package data allowance, we will contact you to give you a choice of either adding top-ups manually as and when needed or upgrading to a higher package.  If you choose to do nothing, the mobile data service will cut off once 100% of the data allowance has been reached. Data top-ups are priced at 5GB for £20, 10GB for £30 & 20GB for £40.  All prices are plus VAT.